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Hey fellow painting professionals, I’m Jeff Lockwood, your painting business coach.  Are you just starting out on your own in the painting business?  Are you struggling with getting jobs and making a good profit?

Looking back, over 15 years now, when I started out on my own, I wished he would have a painting mentor or a painting business coach to answer questions about the business side of things. I'm sure, if I had someone to consult with occasionally, they would have saved me from spending thousands of dollars in bad marketing choices, buying useless painting equipment and making poor client decisions.

So, here I am offering my nationwide, one-on-one painting business coaching services to you through –


  • One weekly phone chat for 30 minutes.

  • A weekly review of your business goals, issues and plans for the next week.

  • Unlimited support, text support & email support for paint business marketing, sales and management.

  • Month to month payments with no financial commitment beyond the first month

  • Receive my monthly newsletter.


Visit my new website and subscribe today.

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