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Having a hard time choosing your colours?  Lockwood Painting offers our clients a professional Colour Consultation Service along with a complete decorative paper hanging service, whitewash painting and gel staining.


Donna-Lea Tomlin, is our professional Colour Consultation/Decorating Specialist.  She is a graduate of the Interior Design Program (Class of 2001) at the prestigious Inter-Dec College in Montreal, Quebec and also has over 20 years of painting and decorating experience.  Donna-Lea is the 2019 Owen Sound Sun-Times "Women In Business - Behind the Scenes" Award Winner (pictured above).  She was featured in the Winter 2019/20 Edition of "Our Homes Magazine" Grey-Bruce (pictured above) and is also the past Executive Officer of the Grey-Bruce Home Builders & Trades Association (pictured above).


Using the right colours can breathe excitement into any space, home or office.  Selecting the right colours can be a challenging task for some people. The opinion of a professional colour specialist can make all the difference.   A professional colour consultation may involve one initial session, which is usually a few hours in length. The length of time will all depend on the size and complexity of the painting project.  During the initial colour consultation, Donna-Lea will find out what the goals and expectations are for the space and get to know a little about her client’s personality and style. She will then do a walk-through with the client and discuss things like colour scheme and how it should flow through the home or office space.


Donna-Lea will assess all the colours – looking at things like flooring, counter tops and kitchen cabinets, and come up with several options. Based on a full analysis of the space, she will be able to make recommendations and suggest colours for the space that will compliment all those elements.  After making that final decision - we are ready for the next step – professional painting. Working also as a painting professional, Donna-Lea will be available to answer any future questions regarding the entire painting and decorating process.  Lockwood Painting continues to strive to make the entire painting experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible, making sure that you and LOVE the end results.


For more information or to book a professional colour consultation with Donna-Lea, please contact Valerie in our office at 519-372-3008.

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